2.18 Deactivate a display alarm

When a display is in alarm you have to disable the alarm and arm the display once more. 

  1. Physically locate the display that is in alarm and ensure that it has not been stolen or tampered with. 
  2. Locate the display in alarm on your manager device. (Fig. 0002-34)
    1. When a display alarm is activated your manager device will receive a notification in the top bar. See section 2.20 Notifications in top bar for more information. (Fig. 0002-32)
  3. Access the display screen by clicking on the notification or accessing the device through the fixture.
  4. Click the Lock button to turn off the alarm then the Arm button so it will start looking for triggers again. (Fig. 0002-33)
    1. The manager device automatically arms the display 2 minutes after it has been disarmed.

Scr. 0002-34

Scr. 0002-32

Scr. 0002-33