2.2 Auto-assign function

When you log in to a location where no devices have been assigned, you will be asked if you want to Auto-assign all available devices to positions. This function is useful for DEMO purposes and only if all display devices are already connected to the correct WiFi network. The Auto-assign function will randomly grab devices to put into a different positions. 

  1. Open the SmartCircle Manager app on your Android device. (Scr. 0002-9)
  2. Select a location from your list of Selected or Available locations. (Scr. 0002-12)
If your location is empty you will be asked if you want to Auto Assign your devices. Select Yes. (Scr. 0002-13)

Scr. 0002-9

Scr. 0002-12

Scr. 0002-13


IMPORTANT: You must wait up to 2 minutes to ensure the displays have taken the proper configuration and default campaign.