2.20 Notifications in the top bar

When a display needs your attention a notification will appear in the top bar on your manager explaining the reason for the notification and what display needs to be looked at. 

  1. Look for the SmartCircle Manager icon in the top bar of your manager.
  2. Drag down the top bar for phones and from the bottom right for tablets to see more information on the notification. (Scr. 0002-32)
  3. Click on the notification to be brought to the fixture screen that holds that particular display.
    1. Displays that need your attention are highlighted.
  4. Deal with the problem as needed.
    1. See section 2.25 Device status for more information on understanding what these notifications are and how to deal with them accordingly. (Scr. 0002-33)


Scr. 0002-32                                                                   Scr. 0002-33