2.5 Assign a Remote DS device

Below you can find our instructions for assigning a RemoteDS device without a Manager app and with a Manager app

Assigning without a SmartCircle Manager app

Assigning with a SmartCircle Manager app

  1. Open the SmartCircle Manager app on your Android device.
  2. Select a location from your list of Selected or Available locations. You should see your location’s first fixture.
  3. Swipe the screen to view the rest of the fixtures available to that location. (Scr. 0002-14)
  4. Go to Location Settings, which is the last page after all fixtures. (Scr. 0002-15)
  5. Select Assignments to enter the Assignments page. The page is split between devices based on their SmartCircle apps all located to the WiFi within the current location. (Scr. 0002-18)
  6. Scroll down to under the Remote DS headline and select the device you want to assign.
  7. Select a controller position from the list provided and click on the Assign button. (Scr. 0002-20)
    1. The amount of positions and names is dependant on the original setup of a location.

Once the device is synchronized the newly assigned Remote DS device will start playing the Remote DS campaign.

Scr. 0002-14

Scr. 0002-15

Scr. 0002-18

Scr. 0002-20