3.6 Fixtures - Manager app screens

(Fig. 0002-F8)

  1. Current location of the display in the fixture.
  2. Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows displays. 
  3. If the lock is closed then the display is armed and watching for triggers that would set the alarm off. If open the display is not armed.
    1. All displays automatically arm within the given time frame on the SmartCircle Configuration page. 
  4. Indicates if individual displays will make sound when an alarm is active.
  5. The manufacturer, display model, name, and a quick summary of the SmartCircle features reading the display.
  6. The status of the battery of the display, including charging, low battery, and more. 
  7. The status of the WiFi connection of the display.
  8. Icon changes based on the type of interaction.
  9. Provides a list of currently active managers within the location.