Android status bar

When using the SmartCircle Remote DS app on an Android device, it will automatically show the bottom status (black) bar. This bar will be hidden when the remote DS device is running Android version 4.0 or higher while in an idle state.

Device States

  • Idle: the device is not being interacted with.
  • Lift: the device is lifted from its position.
  • Touch: the device is being touched.

When a customer accesses the functions of this bar they can exit the SmartCircle Remote DS app and access all features of the device. This can only be done if the device is NOT armed and running a campaign. If a customer tries to access any of the features while the device is armed and running a campaign, they will be accessing the campaign media for the current device state.

Please note that the Android status bar can also be hidden using another app. See section Rooting Android devices for more information.

Once this is done follow either section Installation of SmartCircle Remote DS through Google Play