Assign target devices to Remote DS

The Remote DS media can be set to interact with "Display devices" and have different interactions based on a campaign set from the Head Office Portal

In order to select which devices the Remote DS responds to, you must assign the selected devices it will interact with within the enrollment page.

  1. Open the Enrollment Page app on any device.
  2. Enter the enrollment code corresponding to the location you wish to assign devices to. (Look for an email that was sent to you with the subject line "SmartCircle - location access confirmation" and the location name)
  3. Once you log on to your location
    1. Scroll down to reach the SmartCircle Remote DS devices.
    2. Select Players from the list and swipe to the left to locate the Remote DS device you wish to edit.
    3. Click on the Assign Target button
    4. Select the devices from the list of active displays in your Location that you wish to assign to the Remote DS so a checkmark appears.
  4. Click Assign