Choose the best channel for your WiFi

Here's a comprehensive guide to ensure that store connectivity will allow you to run SmartCircle smoothly

Placing the router in the wrong channel might cause a lot of interference with other WiFi networks that may cause problems to SmartCircle.

In high crowded areas like malls, there can be a lot of WiFi networks. Hence, to determine the channel best suited for your network, follow these steps:


  1. Download a WiFi analyzer app, such as WiFi Analyzer, on a device. Ensure the device is in the same physical space as your SmartCircle router (or where you plan to house it).
  2. Open the application and view your WiFi channels.
  3. You have to explore both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies:
    • On WiFi Analyzer, you can switch between bands by touching the top left corner button (3*).
      channel_01 channel_02
      • 1* is the recommended channel in this case
      • 2* is an example of an area with a lot of WiFi networks and shows the best channel to connect to
  4. Choose the channel that has no interference or the less interference possible.
  5. Change your router to the channel chosen.

If in doubt about how to change the channel, refer to your Router manual or IT department.

Since SmartCircle requires a dual-band router, we recommend connecting the display devices to the 5GHz band if the device is enabled with 5GHz.

Failing to do this can cause the devices to either:

    • Not connect to the network.
    • Drop the connection.
    • Show an unestablished connection.