What are the possibilities of a digital price tag template

A price tag template has endless possibilities, but here you will find a short video that will give you some ideas.

HubSpot Video



  • Have always visible the name of the device. It's complicated for the user to distinguish the device when they all look kind of similar. 
  • Use contrasting colours. Contrast colours will help to increase the life of the display, we will guide you in the recommended colours based on your brand. 
  • Captivate your customers your best deals!  If the customer it's already interested on the device, why not giving him the best offer? According to a Hawk Incentives research, 40% of consumers feel smart when they get the best deal.
  • Animations for idle.  Price tag templates can be different depending on the interaction with the device, we recommend to have an animated template on idle, short animations will capture the attention of your consumers and make them explore the phone. 
  • Make it interactive. Consumers love to "play" with the devices, let them play with your digital price tag while you educate them about your plans and promotions. 
  • Connect your template with your existent pricing technology.  SmartCircle digital price tag can connect via APIs to your pricing system, POS or website. 

Have a dream already in mind? Talk with your sales representative to know more about the posible escenarios of your digital price tag, we will love to hear about your dream and make it come true!