Features - Alarms

Alarm types

  • Alarm on power loss: alarm activates when the device loses a power connection. This alarm is only activated if the device both loses power and register an interaction, such as lift or touch. The phone keeps looking for an alarm on interaction if power is off.
  • Smart Power monitoring: once the device loses a power connection the screen locks and gives a warning to return the device to the charging station within the preselected time. If returned the device remains active and operational. If it is not returned within the given time an alarm is activated.
  • Alarm on restart*: alarm activates on restart of the android  device when any of the other alarms are set to ON. This is added for extra protection in case a device is stolen. If a device is turned off while in alarm or registering an interaction state, such as lift or touch, upon starting the device up again the SmartCircle app will load up again and the device will go into alarm mode, locking it from use.
  • Alarm on headphones removal**: alarm activates when whatever hardware is plugged into the headphone jack is unplugged.
  • Alarm on WiFi loss: alarm activates in 40 seconds after device loses WiFi connection or right away if there is an interaction on the device.
  • Alarm on SIM removal*: alarm activates when the SIM card is removed from the device.
  • Other alarm features:
    • When the device is in alarm, the applications on the device are not accessible.*
    • The alarm will stay On until it is deactivated.

How to enable alarms

  1. https://accounts.smartcircle.net/smartcircle/login/ and login with your account
  2. Select the Location tab > Location configuration > choose the desired location
  3. Select the desired Fixture
  4. Go to “No manager around” tab
  5. Select Yes beside the alarm you wish to activate
  6. Scroll down and select the Submit button
  7. If you want to apply the configuration to the whole location choose:  “Clone configuration to the respective tab/mode to all fixtures within the account”
  8. Select Proceed

 Deactivate an alarm

  • Touch all four corners of the screen, clockwise, starting with top left and ending with bottom left, then enter the four digit security PIN.
  • Tap the bottom right of the screen 5 times in quick succession, then enter the four digit security PIN.*
  • Press the volume up and down buttons consecutively 5 times, then enter the four digit security PIN.*

* Available only for Android devices.

** Does not apply for Windows devices. 

Display M Guide | RTF-SC-0095 | Rev. 3