Features - Scheduled enrollment for android Display devices

Feature description:  Scheduled enrollment for android Display devices

This advanced feature is used remotely to prepare devices that will be shipped to locations for the replacement of old ones. Quickly prepare devices for swapping by enrolling a new device into a currently occupied position without stopping or turning off the old device until the new one is in place. Once the new device has been shipped to the location, the enrollment process can be finalized either remotely or on-site. Scheduled enrollment requires previous training and SmartCircle to be deployed in a location with already enrolled devices. You will need to contact your SmartCircle rep to enable this feature in order to use it. 

Note:  Do not use this to enroll a device into an empty position. For SC deployment, view the in-store onboarding manual.

IMPORTANT: You cannot schedule more than one device to the same position. Scheduling a new device will replace the previously scheduled device.  This feature is available on Android Display devices after build 4.026.


STEP 1: Deploy the new device 

  1. Start with regular QR provisioning or Basic installation depending on your device.
    • IMPORTANT: for QR deployment, follow STEP 2 of this manual to access your QR code. Once you have enabled all permissions, move to STEP 3 of this manual.
  2. For basic installation, STOP the process before you enroll the device.


STEP 2: Schedule the new device

  1. Access metrics.smartcircle.net/enrollment on a different device and enter your Enrollment code.
  2. Select Schedule a device to enroll icon at the position where you wish to schedule the new device. 
  3. Use the new device to scan the QR code from the popup. 
    •  If you used basic installation, select the Enroll this device button and then the Scan QR button. 
  4. Confirm the device has been scheduled successfully by refreshing the enrollment page. The Schedule a device to enroll icon should now be green and the text should read Scheduled device
    • When accessing the new device, the top bar should be black and say Display (scheduled enroll).


STEP 3: Ship the new device

  1. Send the new device to the location.
  2. Wait for employee confirmation that it has been swapped.
    • Follow the store process for the old device. If you need to factory reset the device and SmartCircle does not allow you, make sure to turn the Device administrator off.


STEP 4: Mark the device as swapped

    1. Access metrics.smartcircle.net/enrollment on a different device and enter your enrollment code.
    2. Select Scheduled device icon beside the position where the new device will be enrolled. (Scr. 0225-3)

    3. Select SWAP from the popup that appears. (Scr. 0225-5)
      • A confirmation message will appear in the top in a green box to show which device has been changed.
      • Note: if you want to remove the scheduled device instead, select Scheduled device and click REMOVE