Glossary / Terminology

Fixture: Physical location where multiple devices are shown. One physical block can contain multiple fixtures.

Position: Numbered location of each individual display device on separate fixtures.

Location: Physical area where all display and manager devices are connected to the same WiFi network.

Planogram: Representation of where every device is located within a location based on fixtures and positions.

Campaign: Organized marketing campaign that runs media messages on displayed devices.

Device: Smartphone, tablet, or other using any of the SmartCircle applications.

Display: Device using the SmartCircle Display app.

Manager: Android device using the SmartCircle Manager app.

Remote DS: Android-enabled device using the SmartCircle Remote DS app (also known as Players).

Display DS: Android device using the SmartCircle Display DS app only.

Dashboard: Graphical representations of the metrics information gathered within an account.

Administrator: Person in your store who is trained in the SmartCircle software and has access to location keys.

Account owner: Person at head office that holds all of the account information for all locations.

OS: The type of operating system running on a device

Brand: The device manufacturer. Examples: Samsung, Apple, HTC

Model: The model of the device as it appears in Settings > About on the device. The information can also be found on the device planogram on Example of a model: GT-N8010

Name: The name of the phone that is set in the SmartCircle system during enrollment or entered from the Devices tab on This name usually matches the one given by the manufacturer.  Example:  Galaxy S6, Moto G

Last seen on: The last time the device was online and has connected to the server.

Uptime: Percentage of time a device or devices has/have been turned on for a selected period of time.

SSID: Network name

SCID: SmartCircle ID. Example: 542758628B5A

Battery: The battery level reported by the device in percent.

Trend: The first time the device was turned on even before any of the SmartCircle apps was installed.

Merchandised: How many devices in total are assigned to positions within a location or an account.

Merchandised %: Number of positions that have devices assigned to them in percentage for a location or an account.

Data sync: Reveals if devices are downloading campaigns and uploading metrics such as battery data, uptime, sessions, etc.

Uptime is the average percentage of all devices when they are active.

Compliance: Compliance shows the average up-time, planogram fill, and data sync for all devices chosen at either enterprise or location level

Session: A session is any physical action in regards to the device including when the device is touched, lifted, or a combination of the two, also known as interaction. Each session will stay open for 10 seconds by default allowing multiple interactions before the next one is recorded.

Touch: Type of session where the screen of the device is being touched

Lift: Type of session where the device is being lifted. No-touch on the screen is performed

Interaction: Type of session where the device is being lifted and the screen of the device is being touched

Bounce rate:      Bounce rate is displayed so one can see what percent of the sessions are less than 2 seconds. Bounces are reported when the device is nudged or touched briefly and this is shown as a percentage of all sessions. 

Alarms: The alarms page is broken up based on what level it is being viewed at whether enterprise or location

Players: Devices that have the SmartCircle Display DS app installed on them that have been in the location

On-air campaign: Last edited campaign and should be playing on the device currently

In progress campaign: Scheduled for the current time but there is another campaign that has taken precedence

Expired campaign: Scheduled for a time in the past and will not run

General Information| RTF-SC-0001 | Rev. 7