Head office: The campaign is not running

    • The campaign has not been scheduled for the proper dates and times or has expired
    • The campaign is not the last edited campaign. The last edited campaign that is Active and In Progress takes precedence. To check which is the last edited campaign you can sort the table by clicking the “Last edited” field and check which is the campaign that comes at the top of the list.
    • The campaign has not been downloaded yet by the device/devices due to a slow internet connection or no internet connection. Try to open a web page on a device, check the internet speed, restart the router and wait longer.
    • The media package is corrupt or invalid and the devices report “media package error”. You can check this by click on the status of the campaign and reading the log presented in the popup window.
    • There is an issue with the device and it has frozen. Try restarting the device or factory resetting it and re-installing the application. See sections:
Troubleshooting & FAQs | RTF-SC-0013 | Rev. 3