Remote DS - Home screen

Fig. 0006-F1


  1. Arm the device to start playing media from the selected campaign and open the SmartCircle Remote DS app menu.
    • Exit the Remote DS application to access the device.
    • Activate Debug mode for easier troubleshooting.
    • Access the WiFi settings on the device.
    • Access the SmartCircle Configuration site Support page.
  2. Location key and app version and build.
  3. Unique identification number for device and target device.
  4. WiFi network and IP address where the device is connected. Date and time for the next scheduled synchronization and download in progress.
  5. IDs for current and default campaigns.
  6. The number of displays and managers in the same location.
  7. The number of devices assigned to the Remote DS that are active, and total number.
  8. Configuration number and if the device is in managed mode or not.