How to obtain Enrollment Code for a Location

An enrollment code is a 10 digit pin that can be used to assign a device with a SmartCircle app on it into a location or login on the page.

The enrollment code is issued to a person that already has a Manager Key and has requested access to a Location.

Steps to receive enrollment code:

  1. Request a Manager Key
    • In order to register yourself with SmartCircle. This is required for accountability and security reasons.
  2. Request Location Access
    • Fill in your Manager Key and the Location Key to request access. The account owner will receive an email and will decide if the person requesting the access can receive it or not.
  3. Location Access confirmation email will be received when access is granted. The enrollment code will be listed in that email

NOTE: One manager/user can have access to many locations. They will have one enrollment code per location. Their enrollment code is valid for all devices within one location. The enrollment code is different for different managers/users.

General Information | RTF-SC-0001 | Rev. 6