Huawei workarounds - Display app gets killed

Display app gets killed on Huawei with Android 10

IMPORTANT! Disconnect the device from the power source before performing the steps below

  1. Go to the device Settings > Apps > Apps
  2. Select the Display 4 app
  3. Select Power usage details
  4. Access the App launch menu
  5. Switch OFF the Manage automatically option
  6. Make sure Auto-launch, Secondary launch and Run in the background are set to ON
  7. Connect the device to the power source



Display app gets killed on Huawei with Android 9

Follow the steps below to work around this problem

  1. Go to device settings and select Battery.
  2. Select App launch.
  3. Switch the Manage automatically button beside the Display 4 app to OFF.


(Optional) Scheduling Huawei retail mode device uptime

  1. Go into the device Settings then access Smart assistance. (Scr. 0121-07)
  2. Select Scheduled power on/off.(Scr. 0121-08)
  3. Set the Scheduled power on and Scheduled power off as the start and end time of your store work time.(Scr. 0121-09)

Scr. 0121-07

Scr. 0121-08

Scr. 0121-09

Scr. 0121-14

Retail mode workaround (Huawei) | RTF-SC-0121 | Rev. 7