In-store: Black screen on devices

If a black screen appears on any of your display devices there could be several causes.

Try below steps to fix your device:

The device is turned off

  1. Turn on / wake up the device using the power or home buttons accordingly and open the SmartCircle app.
  2. Make sure the device is charging if not connect it to the charge again then double-check after a certain time.
  3. If the device is plugged in but still discharging check for a hardware problem or if the correct charger is used.

Out of work time

  1. Check if the store is configured to turn off all devices screens during non-working hours.  
    1. Visit and log in. Check the Location’s Info page to confirm if the store is open or not by looking under Work time
    2. If the store is closed and all devices have a black screen, then this is a feature and the screens will turn on when the store opens
  2. Check if the device timezone, date, and time are correct in settings. Correct them if they are not and restart the device.

App has crashed

If the device is turned on but no campaign plays then the app has crashed:

  1. Go to the settings of the device and check the current date, time and year. Make sure that it is correct. If it is not set it to the correct date.
  2. Make sure that the application is updated to the latest version. If not update the app.
  3. Try restarting the device, opening the app and giving it some time to start the campaign.
  4. Try reinstalling the application.
  5. Contact Support if the above steps do not help.

To prevent the battery from dying try the following options for your display devices:

  • Lower the screen brightness
  • Turn off the device at night / when not in use
  • Get a more powerful charger

Black screen instead of video

If the  device shows a black screen when it is supposed to play video but it works when displaying an image or price tag for example then:

  1. The video cannot be displayed on this device due to the player on the device
  2. The video has not been encoded properly and does not run properly on one or more devices
  3. Ask management to create a new video with proper encodings and create a new campaign
  4. Contact support
Troubleshooting & FAQs | RTF-SC-0013 | Rev. 2