Logging In

Login information is given to an Account Owner by a SmartCircle Representative when an account is created. To log in go to https://accounts.smartcircle.net/  and enter your email and PIN.

Login Email and PIN

When originally signing up as an Account Owner with SmartCircle there is a SmartCircle Tips and Getting Started email sent out. This email contains the Account Owner's information such as name, email/login, and PIN. 

Access Without Logging In

There are certain parts of the SmartCircle Configuration Site that can be accessed without Logging in. This includes Request Manager Key, Key Recovery, and Request Location Access.

Single Sign-On

The SmartCircle Single Sign-On allows for clients to login to the SmartCircle Web Services and any link leading to the Configuration Site will open without the need to sign in again.

  • Single Sign-On will work given that you have not manually logged out of the Configuration Site during the current Web Services session.

Login Access Levels

The configuration website has multiple login options for clients: account owner and manager.

  • Account login - account owner has access to all sections of the configuration site and can make changes.
  • Manager login - managers can view some of the information outlined but cannot make changes.

View Section 4 of General Information for full details on the difference between the access levels.

The Manager access level can unassign devices while logged in but needs to provide a reason for the unassign.

Configuration Site - User Guide | RTF-SC-0008 | Rev. 4