Presenter screens - standalone mode

When the Presenter Device is in Standalone mode the first screen opened is the Control screen. Through that page, you can access the Settings and About screens.  On this screen is the information about the SmartCircle Presenter application as well as basic information about the iOS Device. Also accessible is the Debugging option.

  1. Turn on the Debug option (green). (Scr. 0004-21)
    1. Use the Presenter Device so any problems that arise can be recorded.
  2. Go back to the About screen on the Presenter Device and select Email developer. (Scr. 0004-22)
  3. Only select Rest debug file if everything is confirmed with current bugs. (Scr. 0004-23)

Scr. 0005-21

Scr. 0005-22

Scr. 0005-23

  1. Turn the audio for any media playing on or off separately from the visual.
  2. Idle, Lifted, and Touched screen media can be different between the three states.
  3. If turned on the Presenter Device is extra sensitive to touch and lift options, such as pushing just the cable around.
  4. To change the current PIN Code of the Presenter Device you must enter the old PIN Code for verification, type in the new one, then confirm it.
  5. Change the settings of all Notifications.
    1. See Notifications Settings for more information.

(Fig. 0005-F2)

Media Settings

Idle, Lifted, and Touched screen media can be different between the three states.

  1. Access the State you want to edit from the Settings menu. (Scr. 0004-17)
  2. Click the button from green (using default media provided by SmartCircle) to white for more options.
  3. Select Open web page then Web page URL to enter a new screen where you can input the URL of the website you want opened. (Scr. 0004-18) (Scr. 0004-19)
  4. Select Portrait orientation to access the iOS Presenter Device memory and select a video (idle state only) or photo to be shown. (Scr. 0004-20)
    1. You must provide media for both orientations.

Scr. 0005-17

Scr. 0005-18

Scr. 0005-19

Scr. 0005-20

Notification Settings

  1. The Presenter Device will notify you if there is a power loss within a certain amount of time for the notification to be displayed after a set time.
  2. Smart power detection will activate after a given time.
  3. Audio jack detection will make a notification if there are headphones connected to the Presenter Device and the audio jack is disconnected.
  4. WiFi loss detection will notify if the Presenter Devices loses connection to the WiFi network.
  5. There are five different sounds available to play from the Presenter Device if any of the selected notifications are triggered.
  6. Have notifications sent to select email addresses at a set frequency when a notification has been triggered.
    1. To remove an email from the list select the red minus beside the email then select the Delete button at the end.
  7. Set a time for when the notification sound will end once a notifications has been triggered.

(Fig. 0005-F3)

Scr. 0005-01
  1. Turn the Presenter media on.
  2. States if Auto-starting is turned ON or OFF based on the settings selected in Power Detection.
  3. Presenter Control, Settings, and About easy access menu.

(Fig. 0005-F1) 
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