Recommended settings for router and WiFi network

This article shows you a list of recommendations for your router to ensure the best results with the SmartCircle apps.

Please keep in mind that a standard setup for the router is required. Hence, you can follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer for the particular router.

Additional to the standard setup, we would like to suggest the following for different scenarios: 

  1. In General
    We recommend that the access point or router filters inappropriate content. This way, the devices that connect to it will be protected from inadequate websites.
  2. For all newest Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers:
    We strongly recommend to "Cut Through Forwarding" be switched off. Sometimes when this feature is ON, devices lose connection to each other (making the network unstable) after restarting the router. This problem is most common when the router is in dual-band mode. 
  3. To ensure the highest network security: 
    1. Use WPA2 encryption for the password you set on your router.
    2. If your equipment supports AES, then choose it over TPKI. AES offers a powerful encryption technology, and it's approved for use by the U.S. government to encrypt information classified as top secret.

    AES is the preferred choice, but TKIP is a reasonable backup option.

    c. The password must meet the following complexity requirements:
    • Must be a minimum of eight (8) characters long.
    • Must have at least one uppercase character.
    • Must contain at least one lowercase character.
    • Must include at least one number.
    • Must contain at least one non-alphanumeric symbol.

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