Workaround - Samsung retail Mode

Here you will find instructions on how to make a Samsung Retail Mode inactive. And then perform a factory reset.

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Before we start: 

To perform a factory reset, the device requires at least 10% of battery.

We suggest making sure the device has more than the minimum or keep it plugged into a reliable power source while following this procedure.


First Part: Deactivation

  1. Open the Retail Mode app.
  2. Click select store setting and enter the code (by default 5444).

The following devices use different passwords: 

  • Z series (Fold and Flip): Ret@il-7398
  • S22 series: Reta!l-9102
3. Tap on Display Mode Setting and then activate Deactivate Retail Mode.
4. A warning message will pop up. Click ok to confirm the deactivation.

Second Part: Factory reset

  1. Now that the Samsung Retail Mode app is inactive. Go back to the launcher.
  2. Go to Settings. Then you can either:
    1. Tap General management > Factory data reset.
    2. Search for "Factory reset" > Factory data reset.
  3. Tap Reset.
  4. In case there are either information or external apps installed, tap Delete all.


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