Sideload apk via OTG cable

There are times when one has to download apps but the internet connection is poor, the bandwidth is limited or there is no Play store on the device. In order to overcome this obstacle, an OTG cable and a USB drive would be required.

Use this onboarding scenario in the following cases:

Case 1: The store has limited bandwidth or poor internet connection and this will speed up the installation

Case 2: The installation of the apps is happening elsewhere and the devices will be shipped to a store

The flow described below is for Android 6x. The steps may vary depending on the manufacturer and version of the OS.  Some steps may be different or not necessary depending on the device.

  1. Download the desired apk file to the USB drive before the installation (using computer for example). All SmartCircle apk files are available for download from this site:
  2. Plug in your USB flash drive to the OTG cable
  3. Plug in the other end of the OTG cable to your Android device
  4. A notification will appear telling you that “USB drive is connected” (Fig. 1)
  5. Swipe from the top of the screen down and select the USB drive (Fig. 1)
  6. Locate the apk file and hold your finger on it to select it  (Fig. 2)
  7. Use the 3 dots at the top right corner to see the menu and select “Copy to”. Lastly, choose the downloads folder. (Fig. 2)
  8. From the file manager locate the Downloads folder and the apk file that you have copied.
  9. Select the file and Install the app  (Fig. 3)
  10. Remove the cable and USB
  11. STRONGLY SUGGESTED for devices that have SmartCircle apps installed on them:
  • are connected to the internet
  • have a Play Store account
  • auto-update apps is enabled in the play store
Sideload via OTG cable | RTF-SC-0110 | Rev. 1