SmartCircle alongside Samsung Retail Mode

The following are instructions on how to have Samsung Retail Mode running in the background (collecting data) while SmartCircle is in the Foreground showing contents.


  1. Factory Reset and enroll the device to the SmartCircle network as per normal
    1. How to factory reset If the device comes pre-installed with Samsung Retail Mode you need to remove it using this procedure before you can factory reset
    2. Assign your device using your enrollment code with this procedure 
    3. Once the device is enrolled and SmartCircle is working
    4. Unlock SmartCircle by pressing 5 times at the bottom right corner and entering your store code
  2. Open any web browser and Go to:
  3. In the search bar look for the model of the device you wish to install
  4. Once you arrive at the device you wish to download click on the model
  5. You will see a Download list... (see example below for the Samsung A53)
  6. Only download the APK file
  7. The phone will ask you to approve permissions (grant them), download and install the SRM Apk
  8. Click on Store Settings / You will be asked to enter a password (this may vary by model)
    1. Z series (Fold and Flip): Ret@il-7398
    2. S22 series: Reta!l-9102
  9. Enter into Restore Settings / Application Settings / Prevent Force Stop
    1. Check the boxes for Display 4 and RDM ****Very important****
  10. Go back to the main menu and click on Screensaver Settings
    1. Uncheck the box for Screensaver enable (to disable the Screensaver of this app)
    2. Screensaver password (also shown in the video): M729Q16K8546
You are all done!

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