User Guide - How to install Display with a QR (Android)

This process is crucial to ensure the proper behaviour and functionality of SmartCircle.

Please note, the below steps do not apply to AndroidGO devices.

Also, these steps are for brand new devices. If the mobile device is NOT in the original system state, a factory reset will be necessary.

When setting up the device from a factory reset state Please allow the SmartCircle Display app to load automatically.

This is extremely important.

If devices are rushed or interrupted in the provisioning process they may restart to ensure correct app installation.


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Before we start:

For this procedure, we suggest you keep the following information handy:

    • The password of the WiFi connection of the store.
    • A general or a specific QR code to scan (preferably the specific one).
    • Google Play Store account information, if the store has any.


  • Part 1: Installation

  1. Turn on the device if it is not running already.
  2. Tap six (6) times at the top of the screen.

  3. The back camera will be activated. Now, you can scan the designated QR code for this device.
  4. After scanning the code, the device will request you to connect to the WiFi. Select the preferred network and enter the respective password. 
  5. When the connection has been established, the device will automatically start the setup.
  6. Later, Google Services will be listed. Make sure all the services are enabled. Scroll down and tap Accept at the bottom of the screen (*The accept button will only show up when you have reached the end of the list).
  7. The device might ask you to review some information about the setup and policies. Check all the boxes and click Next (no need to read each article). 
  8. At this point, the installation of Display 4 and SmartCircle RDM will run in the background. Hence, we need you to wait until Display 4 opens automatically. 

    Some devices might restart during the installation.

      • You will see notifications like these ones:


    • Part 2: Display 4 setup

    When Display 4 finally opens, you will see a list of Cards. Those cards are permissions that have to be granted in order to allow SmartCircle's full functionalities.

    Each card will immediately disappear after they are enabled.


    The ONLY card that could be skipped is the Google Play Store permission, if and only if the store doesn't have a Google Account for the devices that will be displayed in store/kiosk.


    Latest updates: 

    Aug 2023: Google has introduced a new verification which requires the user to accept after the installation of our app is done