SmartCircle network requirements

This guide lists requirements to guarantee a secure network connection along the displayed devices.

As shown in the diagram above, a secure and consistent connection is essential to provide the best digital experience to your clients with our services. Hence, we will need you to take into account the following specifications.

Network requirements: 

  • Make sure that your established or new network infrastructure can handle the number of devices required to be online at any given time.

It is best to have dedicated SSIDs and the same LAN for both 2.4 and 5GHz.

Consider placing repeaters if needed.
  • Make sure that your network is configured to allow UDP broadcast on port 22333. TCP connections must be allowed for ports 22333 and 33322
  • Provide enough bandwidth for your display devices to be operational. One way to achieve this is to set up a VLAN for the SC portion of the network. 

Most of the network infrastructure hardware supports VLAN and bandwidth shaping. 


Calculating Bandwidth

BW = Normal operation + Campaign BW

  1. Normal operation
    The normal operation for each display/player is equal to 3-20 Mb per day, depending on the configuration.
  2. Bandwidth of the campaign
    The store has ten (10) displays and ten (10) players with digital signage running campaigns, which means that the store has a total of twenty (20) devices.
    Also, each price tag campaign has two (2) updates.
    Assuming that each campaign is 100 MB, then the store will consume 4000 MB per month on campaigns.

Campaign BW = (total devices x updates) x campaign size

    • Campaign BW = (20 x 2) x 100 MB = 4000 MB.

And the total Bandwidth would be between (this depends on the configuration):

    • BWmin = 3 MB + 4000 MB = 4003 MB
    • BWmax = 20 MB + 4000 MB = 4020 MB