The Different Components of SmartCircle

SmartCircle Display is a multi-platform application that connects Display Devices to enable control through the Manager Device. SmartCircle Presenter is an iOS-only modification focusing on media that is available through the App Store.
SmartCircle Display DS is an add-on application installed used to display digital media and marketing messages for each of the touch, lift, and idle states on the specific device screen or connected price tag device.
SmartCircle Remote DS is an application that can run on android-enabled devices such as mini PCs connected to TVs or monitors. Display marketing messages from multiple display devices based on interactions.
SmartCircle Manager is an android-only application that controls and views the Display Device status. It can be used to activate and deactivate the different features of each individual Display Device connected to the Manager Device.
SmartCircle Metrics is a unified web-based dashboard that displays location metrics such as interactions, lifts, touches, battery and charging status, uptime, and more. Information is presented graphically to customers.
SmartCircle Controller is installed on an Android-based device to keep track of all devices connected to the Controller. It uses USB Hubs to allow for up to 64 devices and has an auto-assign option for easy and quick organization.
General Information | RTF-SC-0001 | Rev. 5