Troubleshooting - In-store: Protect settings feature does not work on LG devices

If you find that the Protect settings and play store feature does not work, but

  • you have enabled it in the configuration
  • works on other devices
  • your LG device has an internet connection
  • the security config is up to date on the device

then you are most likely experiencing the issue because services that are required to be enabled on the device are not enabled. These services usually get enabled during the install of the app. LG has customized the OS and the services do not always get enabled with the touch of a button. If you experience this problem, please choose the proper column and follow the steps to enable the correct service.

IMPORTANT: These services MUST be enabled for the Protect Settings and Play Store features to work.

For Marshmallow devices

(Android 6 and up)

For Lollipop devices and older

(Android 5 and older)

2 services are required to be enabled:

  • Accessibility service
  • Apps with usage access

1 service must be enabled

  • Accessibility service
Troubleshooting Resources | RTF-SC-0013 | Rev. 3