User Guide - What does the Display main Screen show

This article will list all the information that is shown on Display4 main screen.

This screen can be accessed after disarming Display 4 if the device is already enrolled.

If the device is not enrolled, the main screen will show up immediately. Yet, it will not show information about the location, position, and fixture.

Please remember that it will be necessary to enroll the device to see this information.

This screen shows essential information about the device and an action button, divided into ten (10) sections (as shown in the image below).

Main Screen

Each section presents a different kind of information:

1 Group 374 In the first section, you will find information related to the Location, Fixture, and Position of the device (the two latest are within the Location).
  • If the device does NOT show this data, it might be necessary to enroll it.
2 Group 375 In this section, you will first see the Brand and the Model of the current device. The second line displays the Operating System (iOS or Android) and the device's Uptime (how long it has been on).
3 Group 376 This section displays information regarding SmartCircle: 
  • SmartCircle ID number of the device (SCID)
  • Version (Ver) of the app.
  • Uptime, for how long Display app has been active on this device.
4 Group 377 The fourth section is about the wireless connection the device using. Here you will find the service set identification number of the network (SSID) and the internet protocol number (IP).
5 Group 378 Section five shows:
  • Next sync: date and time for the next scheduled synchronization to pick up configuration and upload metrics
  • Downloads in progress: number of campaigns still downloading to the device.
6 Group 379 In this section, you will see information about the campaign (running on the device). Here you will find the IDs of the Current campaign and the Default campaign.
7 Group 380 This section shows information about how the app was installed on this device and its configuration.
  • Deployment type: installation process (QR, basic installation).
  • Config (MAN/NOMAN/DDS): configuration number for the manager, no manager, and Display DS settings
8 Group 381 In this section, you will see the current status of: 
  • Device administrator: turn on and off the device administrator status of the app to access the full security functions
  • Debug: mode (*needs to be turned on in order to record issues)
9 Group 382 Here you will see information about the other devices currently active on the same network. Displays/players around confirms the number of devices that have the Display or Player app, while Managers around are the devices that have the Manager app
10 Group 383 The last section contains the Enroll this device button, which is used for different necessary actions (such as enroll the device, change position, etc.)