Workaround - LG retail mode

STEP 1: Check if your LG device type is a RDU or IDU

  1. Go to Settings > About device > Model number
    1. RDU (Retail Demo Unit) - If the Model number is LG-H870V then your phone is RDU
    2. IDU (Inventory Demo Unit) - If the Model number is not LG-H870 (doesn't have V in the Model ID), then your phone is IDU
    3. Example: LG-H870 is a LG G6


Scr. 0208-07

Scr. 0208-08

Scr. 0208-09

Scr. 0208-10


IMPORTANT: Passwords used across LG retail mode. Make sure to follow the capitalization at all times.


Service password

Master password

G, V




STEP 2: Contact your SmartCircle representative for specific instructions based on the device type and model.



Retail mode workaround (LG) | RTF-SC-0208 | Rev. 6