Workaround - TCL Demo Mode

These are a set of instructions to allow SmartCircle to take control over a device running the TCL Demo Mode

These instructions are based on TCL 30 5G and TCL 30 XE 5G

These devices are running a modified Android boot which prevents apps to take System Access Control

Part 1:

Demo Mode app

  • Open the "Demo Mode" app

  • Click "Activate" and then on the Checkmark
  • Enter Password
  • Set "Auto-reset time" to 1 hour
  • Activate "Play time Scheduling" set

    • Start time: 5:01 am

    • End time: 5:00 am 

  • Activate Secondary Admin Password using the same password. You must enter it twice
  • Press OK

Part 2

SmartCircle Display installation

Download the apps from Website: 
Go to

Download SmartCircle Display and SmartCircle RM 

    • Open the SmartCirlce Display app.
    • First, you will see a list of Terms and Conditions. Scroll down and tap accept.
    • Later, you will see a list of Cards. Those cards are permissions that have to be granted in order to allow SmartCircle's full functionalities.

    Each card will immediately disappear after they are enabled.


    SmartCircle RM installation

    Open the SmartCircle RM app to finish the installation. You will see a permission card, enable that permission and then click Activate


    The ONLY card that could be skipped is the Google Play Store permission, if and only if the store doesn't have a Google Account for the devices that will be displayed in the store/kiosk.


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