Xiaomi (MIUI 9) devices - workaround for SmartCircle Display

Confirmed deployment type per models:


Mi 8 Lite, Redmi Note 6 Pro, Redmi Note 5, Redmi 6, Redmi 6A

QR provisioning: 

Mi A2 Lite (MIUI 10, requires update), Mi A2


IMPORTANT: Check if the device has a system/OS update. MIUI 10 instruction

  1. Use basic deployment to install SmartCircle Display and RM
  2. Open the device Settings > Battery > Battery usage
  3. Select App battery saver  (Scr. 0236-01)
  4. Select the Display 4 app and then select No restrictions  (Scr. 0236-02)
  5. Select the RM app and then select No restrictions
  6. Choose your deployment: Google Play or sideload

Scr. 0236-01

Scr. 0236-02


Known issues (limitations) valid for releases <4.035 on Android 8x with MIUI 9x, 10x:

  1. Lock screen swipe can’t be removed - if the device was locked with a lock button it will require the user to swipe up in order to continue exploring the device
  2. The media screen won't expand behind (maximize) the notch - not implemented for Android 8x
  3. The battery saver app is not blocked by SmartCircle so user can kill our app by tweaking it



Xiaomi (MIUI 9) devices  - workardound for SmartCircle Display | SM-SC-0236 | Rev. 3