Workaround - OPPO demo mode

This guide will help you operate SmartCircle on OPPO devices that have an OPPO retail mode which does not allow the device to factory reset

STEP 1: Follow the instructions of the SmartCircle Basic Install

STEP 2: How to operate OPPO with SmartCircle with Basic install

  1. You must manually turn OFF Power Saving
    1. Go to [Settings] > [Battery] > [Power Saving]   Scr. 1
    2. Switch OFF the slider on the top
  2. Make sure SmartCircle Display app is allowed in “Startup Manager” 
    1. Go to [Phone Manager] > [Privacy Permissions] > [Startup Manager] Scr. 2  and  Scr. 3
    2. Find SmartCircle Display 4 and RM apps and switch on the sliders for each one
  3. Use app switcher to lock SmartCircle Display app - Press recent app button > Swipe (slide down) SmartCircle Display 4 app 

    Scr. 0220-01

    Scr. 0220-02

    Scr. 02220-03